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We own a factory that has a floor space of more than 15,Website:,000 square meters with around 300 workers. There are R&D department, liquid painting preparation plant, solid painting preparation plant, crayon plant, frame and wooden products plant, injection and blow plant, blister plant, mold centre, integrate packing plant,design department and sales department. Our products almost cover all the art paints for kids, students and professional artists, including water color, poster paint, oil paint, acrylic paint, crayon, water color cake, semidry water color and etc. In addition, we aslo commit to develop the DIY paint production to meet kids and adults’ need, such as ceramic paint, fabric paint, glass paint, crystal paint, body paint, puffy paint, glitter glue, 3D glitter glue, window paint, colorful sand and various DIY products derived from these paints. With the strong ability o

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Acrylic paint | Crayon | Glue | Face paint | DIY paint | Can


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